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Mfp is already figuring your deficit set it to lose one pound per week if it gives you 2100 you want to net 2100 that means when you exercise add that exercise into the exercise tab and eat a little more so that your bottom line on the food page comes to zero at the end of the dayim not losing weight on keto i lost a few pounds at first but i basically ate 20g of carbs or less for over a month i watched my calories and thought maybe i am eating too much protein qand not enough fat so i leveled that out but nothing i do have a history of thyroid issues which i had removed 2 years ago and i take synthroid im at a losswhy am i not losing weight this is a very common question we are asked usually there is a simple explanation the most common reason is that you have lost weight but the scales are not yet reflecting your success because of the natural variations in your weight from hour to hour and day to day read why the scales dont tell the truthlack of sweating or anhidrosis can result from a variety causes including genetics and certain medical disorders sweating is your bodys way of cooling itself and if you cant sweat you can easily overheat while some people naturally find themselves not sweating during a workout consult a ways to cope with grief and loss after putting a pet to sleep august 20 2014 by goodtherapy staff in the united states there are almost as many pets as there are adult humans collectively

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